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We are Consulting as a Subscription (CaaS) firm that assists new-age team leaders in becoming more efficient by taking up their non-core complex deliverables and freeing up their valuable bandwidth.


We partner with you to deliver tailor-made solutions that fit your needs and goals across all stages of your business.

We operate on Consulting-as-a-Subscription (CaaS)
model with the aim to revolutionize consulting.

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Industry Expertise


Our experts assist clients in implementing cutting-edge LegalTech solutions, from e-discovery to regulatory research. We focus on enhancing legal processes, ensuring compliance, and ideating and executing technology-driven innovations in the legal sector.


We guide clients in AI strategy, model development, and ethical AI practices. Our expertise ensures successful integration of AI into business operations without disrupting existing processes.


Our team navigates clients through blockchain implementation, smart contracts, and tokenization. We ensure secure, transparent, and efficient blockchain solutions, keeping in mind regulatory compliance and interoperability.


Our team streamlines logistics operations, enhances efficiency, and implements technology-driven solutions. From route optimization to warehouse management, we ensure seamless flow across the supply chain.

Project Finance

Our team offers financial modeling, risk analysis, and project valuation services. We ensure sound financial strategies for successful project execution.


We provide strategic insights, risk management, and technology adoption guidance, empowering financial institutions to thrive in a sector facing digital transformation, regulatory changes, and cybersecurity threats.


Key Success Metrics

We pride ourselves in our global service reach and client satisfaction.


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“Their technical knowledge allowed us to dive right into issues without re-explaining concepts."

Product Lead at a
Stealth AI Business

"Their cost-efficient strategies worked wonders internally, optimizing our resources and driving efficiency.”

General Counsel at a Leading
Staking DAO

“Their end-to-end solution delivery exceeded our expectations, streamlining our processes and implementing cutting edge technology.”

Managing Partner at a
Boutique Law Firm

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